“From foggy ideas to concrete plans, SPWP gave me the confidence to envision and pursue a future in philosophy. I was so impressed by the supportive community of UCSD faculty and graduate students, by the engaging seminars and super-useful workshops that broadened my awareness of the field and demystified the graduate school application process. Thanks to SPWP, I am entering my senior year with momentum and purpose. I am so thankful for this experience and those I shared it with — to those of you thinking of applying, I can’t recommend it highly enough!”

–Alexandra Golikov, SPWP 2018, Smith College

“Before SPWP, I didn’t know anyone who was pursuing Philosophy at the graduate level, let alone another woman. After the program, I feel so much more confident about my place in the field and assured that this is the path for me. SPWP was an immensely welcoming environment in which I felt comfortable learning, talking realistically about my goals, and being myself. I can’t thank the coordinators enough for making it possible, and my peers for making it such a wonderful experience.”

Anna-Bella Sicilia, SPWP 2018, University of Maryland, College Park

“It was a true privilege to get to spend two weeks in San Diego this summer. The academic focus of the program was extremely well planned and conducted, and it incorporated a wide range of topics in philosophy that engaged everyone’s interests. I also befriended and learned from more women philosophers than I had ever met before. I am much more confident and comfortable to pursue graduate school in philosophy, especially since I found myself in the company of so many other young women like myself. SPWP truly made us feel at home in San Diego for two weeks!”

Meryem Keskin, SPWP 2017, University of Houston

“I can’t recommend the SPWP at UCSD highly enough. I got the chance to learn about fields in philosophy I wouldn’t otherwise have been exposed to (like metaphysics and epistemology of witchcraft!). All the professors and graduate students in the program did such a wonderful job of welcoming us and making us feel at home at UCSD. This program has definitely made me more serious about pursuing philosophy further.”

Tez Clark, SPWP 2015, Harvard University

“SPWP was one of the best experiences of my life. I will never forget what it was like to be in the company of so many like minded people who possessed goals similar to mine. The program helped solidify my plan to apply to graduate programs and supplied me with many resources to help in my preparation. I felt, and continue to feel, encouraged by the other participants, graduate students and professors I had the pleasure of meeting. SPWP not only cultivated my philosophical abilities, but also grew my confidence and determination. I feel honored to be a part of the SPWP family!”

Cassie Atchley, SPWP 2015, Drury University

“The two weeks I spent at the UCSD SPWP were two of the best weeks of my life. Being around such amazing women made me take myself seriously as a philosopher for the first time and showed me that there are many different, equally valid ways to approach and practice philosophy. The relationships I formed and the experiences I had the opportunity to have were invaluable. I am so grateful there are programs like these for up-and-coming philosophers.”

DeeAnn Spicer, SPWP 2014, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

“SPWP has made a major impact on my educational and career path, largely because of the community of exceptional women philosophers I found there. In addition to the informative workshops offered, I benefited greatly from the experience and advice of the doctoral students who organized the program and acted as TAs. It was through SPWP that I became acquainted with the rigorous Master’s program I now attend; the skills I honed in my classes at SPWP and the support I continue to receive from the women I met there have been instrumental to my survival and success in graduate school. Above all else, SPWP helped me see that productive and supportive communities of philosophers traditionally marginalized within the discipline do exist and have the potential to positively impact the future of the field.”

                                                   —Mercer Gary, SPWP 2014, currently in Georgia State Philosophy M.A. program