past programs

The seminars topics at SPWP vary each summer. Here is a sampling of courses taught in recent years:

2017 Seminars

The Good and The Good Life (5-day seminar with Gwen Bradford)

Transformative Experiences (1-day seminar with Jennifer Carr)

Slurs (1-day seminar with Ashley Feinsinger)

Quine’s Incomplete Revolution (1-day seminar with Gila Sher)

Emma Goldman and Anarchism (1-day seminar with Clinton Tolley)

Fearless Girl and Public Art (1-day seminar with Mary Beth Willard)

2016 Seminars

The Good Life (5-day seminar with Connie Rosati)

Street Art, Video Games, Comics, and Other Forms of Popular Art (5-day seminar with Sondra Bacharach)

2015 Seminars

The Metaphysics and Epistemology of Witchcraft (5-day seminar with Julie Walsh)

Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art (5-day seminar with A.W. Eaton)

2014 Seminars

Educational Justice (5-day seminar with Gina Schouten)

Personal Identity and Death (5-day seminar with Jenann Ismael)