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The Philosophy Department at the University of California, San Diego is pleased to announce a call for applications for the 2014 Summer Program for Women in Philosophy, which will be held at UCSD from July 28 to August 8, 2014. The two-week program will feature two intensive courses and a variety of workshops, all geared towards providing an engaging philosophical learning experience and preparation for applying to graduate school in philosophy. Participants will be provided with housing and meals, will have transportation costs covered, will have all course and workshop materials provided, and will receive a $600 stipend.

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Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Participants must be women who are US citizens and enrolled in an accredited 4-year college or university. Preference will be given to applicants who will have just finished their junior year at the time of the program, but those who have finished their sophomore year are also eligible. Unfortunately women who will have graduated by the time of the summer program are not eligible (though we may try to expand the program, if possible, to open it up to such students in the future). While academic ability and philosophical promise are the main criteria for selection, the selection committee will also give some weight to applicants who come from colleges or universities with smaller or more limited resources (e.g., with very small philosophy departments that are unable to offer the same range of courses as larger departments), and also applicants who have encountered factors that present hardships to their pursuit of higher education (including financial and cultural factors). While these latter criteria will be considered and given weight in the selection process, they are not necessary for selection to the program.

Program of Study

The 2014 academic program will consist of two intensive courses and a small number of workshops. Gina Schouten (Illinois State University) will teach a course on Educational Justice, and Jenann Ismael (University of Arizona) will teach a course on Personal Identity and Death. In addition to these courses, there will be a small number of workshops: a workshop which will help participants hone their ability to write philosophy papers; a workshop geared towards preparation for application to philosophy graduate school; and at least one other workshop, most likely about the interface of academic philosophy with public programs, policy, and outreach.

Attending the Program

Participants will have their transportation costs covered (up to $500), will be housed on the UCSD campus for the duration of the program, will have meals provided, will have all materials needed for coursework provided, and will receive a $600 stipend. In addition there will be several group recreational activities during the program that will be paid for by the program.  Possible activities include: a day at Balboa Park and the San Diego Zoo, a day at the beach with surf lessons or snorkeling, a tour of the Salk Institute, or a trip to the Birch Aquarium at Scripps.

How to Apply

Applications are due by March 15, 2014. Those selected as participants will be notified by April 15, 2014. For a full application checklist and downloadable application form, please follow this link to the application instructions.


Fine Print

This summer program is part of a long-term study designed to determine the effectiveness of programs such as this in helping undergraduate women who wish to pursue careers in academic philosophy to succeed (UCSD IRB 140036XX). Applicants who are selected as participants should understand that they will be asked to complete a brief anonymous survey once every few years in the years following their participation in the program. The questions asked on the survey will exclusively concern the participant’s academic career, including how many graduate programs they applied to; which programs they were accepted at; which program they entered; if and when they completed the doctoral degree; what kinds of job offers they received after completing their graduate studies (e.g., a postdoctoral position or a tenure track position); what kinds of job(s) they accepted; and if they received tenure. There may be additional questions of the same general sort added to these surveys as needed to ensure that the study is able to track the data required to determine the program’s effectiveness.  It may also be the case that some applicants who did not participate in the program will be asked to complete a similar survey. The surveys are anonymous. The program has no need for or interest in collecting information that is tied to identified individuals. All that is necessary for assessing the program’s effectiveness is statistical information about the average progress of the participants as a whole.


The 2014 UCSD Summer Program for Women in Philosophy is made possible by generous support from the UCSD Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, the UCSD Office of Graduate Studies, the UCSD Office of the Dean of Arts and Humantities, and the UCSD Department of Philosophy. The following people have contributed many hours to making it possible: Toni Adleberg, Amy Berg, Claudi Brink, Rick Grush (director), Joyce Havstad, Kathryn Joyce, and Cami Koepke. And special thanks to Deanna Haunsperger, director of the Carleton Summer Mathematics Program for Women Undergraduates for extremely helpful advice.

Design Elements

The program's logo (shown in the header above) is based on the Athenian tetradrachm, a silver coin from the 5th Century BC.  The coin's reverse (tails) side depicted the Owl of Athena (also known as Minerva, Goddess of Wisdom), along with an olive branch and a crescent moon.  Here the olive branch is replaced with laurel, and the stamp of Athens by 'UCSD'.  Logo drawn by Adam Streed. 

Contact Information

The Summer Program for Women in Philosophy is a project of the Philosophy Department at UCSD.
For more information about the program, or any questions, please contact Rick Grush at: