2017 program

The 2017 Program will be held June 25 to July 8 2017, and will feature two intensive seminar courses. We are delighted to announce that one of the courses will be taught by Gwen Bradford (Rice), on the Good and the Good Life. The other will be co-taught, with five instructors on five topics: Jennifer Carr of UC San Diego on transformative experiences, Gila Sher of UC San Diego on Quine’s incomplete revolution, Mary Beth Willard of Weber State University on Fearless Girl and aesthetics across philosophy, Ashley Feinsinger of University of San Diego on slurs, and Clinton Tolley of UC San Diego on anarchism and feminism. In addition to these courses, the program will offer a number of workshops on developing philosophical writing, applying to graduate school, and navigating academic culture, as well as a colloquium by Matt Fulkerson of UC San Diego.

For access to workshops from previous programs, visit our YouTube channel.